Business and Executive Coaching

a. Our Coaching Package for Businesses

We understand that each business has unique needs based on which stage of business development they are in. Recognising such, we have developed a package of business coaching services centred on three main areas – we call them the Idea Stage, Starter Stage and Growth Stage.

Idea Stage- in this stage of coaching, the business owner has little experience in operating a small business or have ideas but is yet to actualise their business dreams. Our solution here is to challenge the client’s business idea with the objective to further define and characterise it using the appropriate framework based on our diagnosis. The goals here are to articulate the business uniqueness, provide clarity to the client business offerings and identifying the preferred clients.  All geared towards successfully actualising their business dreams.

Starter stage- in this stage, the client has setup a business, however, the business is either struggling or requires firm directions. Our solution is to work with the client to understand what is required to execute their business dreams and identify the stumbling blocks in their current value chain systems. We deploy a different framework, suggest new strategies, questioning and challenges thereby pushing the client into new discoveries. The objective here is to help successfully leapfrog into the next level of the client’s business.

Growth stage- in this stage, the client has enough experience and their current business is thriving. However, the client wants more. They may see more possibilities. Our solution is to take appropriate steps to the next level by stimulating the client’s expansion aspirations. We will work with the client to further understand their business plans, define the actions required to secure the clients expansion plans and agree how to execute the identified actions.

b. One-on-one Executive Coaching

We understand that top executives sometimes feel isolated. They appreciate having an objective sounding board to brainstorm, share concerns, and resolve issues in a confidential, highly effective format. Coaching improves a culture of learning, better leaders and ultimately better results.

Our coaching process include the following elements in addition to our actual coaching conversations:

  • Creating an overall coaching plan (plan of attack)
  • Confirming desired goals and approach before each meeting with the client
  • Assessment of your satisfaction on the process and the results you are getting
  • Provision of feedback from both ends to make sure the program is providing you our clients with outstanding value.

To further understand our client’s personality and make recommendation for improvement, we carry out an assessment to determine how they are perceived by their stakeholders.