Educating the Girl Child: How to Make STEM Education More Attractive to Girls

[By Mamudou Jallow] STEM as used in education refers to promoting the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields of learning. Governments the world over have come to the realization that for them to guarantee the advancement of their countries and peoples, STEM education need to be prioritized. Here in the Gambia and across many […]


Revisiting Gender Roles: The Need for Equitability when Sharing Household Chores Between Your Sons and Daughters

[By Mamudou Jallow] Most of us will agree that our children are gifts from God. Yet the way we treat these gifts vary significantly depending on their gender. This is especially so when it comes to sharing household chores between our children. In most of our homes, our sons are treated like princes, with hardly […]


Sanitary Pads for Girls: The Need for a Government Policy to Make Sanitary Pads Available in All Schools

[By Mamudou Jallow] Did you know that there is something called Period poverty? According to the UK’s Independent newspaper, the term refers to “lack of access to sanitary products.” Apparently the inaccessibility of sanitary products has far-reaching consequences on the lives of women than we’ve ever imagined. According to a recent scientific study conducted in […]