Drawing a Line: How to Protect Young Girls from Adult “Friends of the Family”

[By Mamudou Jallow] We live in a changing world, and as such our outlook regarding the times we live in must reflect the current realities and not just be influenced by perceptions from our own upbringings. When we were kids, life was a bit simpler and the world was a little bit safer especially for […]


Sanitary Pads for Girls: The Need for a Government Policy to Make Sanitary Pads Available in All Schools

[By Mamudou Jallow] Did you know that there is something called Period poverty? According to the UK’s Independent newspaper, the term refers to “lack of access to sanitary products.” Apparently the inaccessibility of sanitary products has far-reaching consequences on the lives of women than we’ve ever imagined. According to a recent scientific study conducted in […]

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