Introducing Maimuna Jahateh, Creator and Proprietress of MaiyaMuna Skincare

[By Olimata Kah]

I remember the first time I met Maimuna Jahateh. It was in September of 2006, the year I joined the Gambia Methodist Academy.

I remember her smile. She was always smiling and hugging everyone! That was weird for me at first but I quickly got used to it. We were classmates for a good five years and we also became friends as well—reading novels and magazines together, etc.    

But one thing that stuck with me after graduation was Munas’ love for skin and hair products. She once told us that she’ll one day create her own a skincare line. She was always experimenting with different products.

Educational Background

After high school, she studied in India for four years, gaining a Bachelors in Biotechnology. She returned home to work for the Medical Research Council (MRC). Not long after that, I caught word that Munas had started her skincare brand! I was both unsurprised and proud. She had finally made her dream a reality and for that, she is an inspiration to me and many around her.    

And since most of her coursework was in plant biotech, one could say that she has an upper hand in the niche market for skincare products in the Gambia.

She also learned a lot from the ancient system of Ayurveda. Ayurveda was developed in India as a way to heal and maintain the body by using the bountiful gifts of nature.

“I learned a lot through research from India were they use Ayurveda in their skin and hair care….A lot of reading, many practices, and lots of writing to maintain the standards”.

My Personal Experience

I use her products and I will say, as an eczema-sufferer who had one too many breakouts each year, her facial scrubs are a priceless gift to my skin.     

At present, she has eight products ranging from the face & body scrubs—Rice Gram and the Coffee Brown Sugar scrub that’ll even out your skin tone, calm skin diseases like eczema & psoriasis, and enhance your undertones. She also has moisturizing creams like the Shea Velvet and the Shea Coco that are sure to keep your skin supple and beautiful.

The African black soap is a cleansing product for both the hair and body, while the Ultimate Radiance Body Wash, now modified into a shampoo (while still maintaining the  effectiveness and quality of product) clears dark spots, evens out, heals and moisturizes the skin whilst also cleaning the hair without stripping the scalp of its natural oils. Finally, there is the Ultimate Hair Treatment guaranteed to grow and maintain healthy hair!


Munas participates in the annual GCCI International Trade Fairs held in the spring of every year. She is always assisted by her friends & family. She utilizes her knowledge to create products that work.  

All her products are handmade from scratch using the most natural of ingredients. From essential oils to wonderful healing spices, to brown sugar to even tamarind, (daharr) an ingredient not often found in skincare products.

What sets Munas apart from the rest is her extensive knowledge of her craft and the continued reinvention; Munas is always filling the room with improved products.

Ingredients Used

Munas works hard to get real quality ingredients—there are no cutting corners with her! Everything is 100% natural! And because her products are natural, they produce fast results.

“I choose the ingredients by researching natural ingredients that work for different skin issues.. the formulas have all been written down in a journal format to keep consistency.”


Munas makes products that give you the confidence to walk out into the harsh weather, knowing that your skin and hair will look like the airbrushed cover of an expensive magazine.

For those of you that still love the original Radiance Body Wash, no need to fret. It is still available!

Feel free to contact Munas via her social media accounts or even calling her personally to place your orders. I promise you, you will never regret it!