The Fixation on Mixed-Raced Babies: A Look at The Paradigm Shift of The Black Mentality

[By Olimata Kah]

I live in Brusubi. So, my route to work is from the Turntable in Bijilo through Kololi and Kotu. As that part of town is the Gambia’s Tourism Development Area (TDA), I often see a lot of European nationalities going about their business. But they are rarely alone. Every single day, I see old European men with young black women my age or even younger! A light-skinned, curly-headed baby is almost always part of the picture.

Personally, my take on this is that some of the women are willfully creating bi-racial kids not out of genuine love but due to vested interests. I believe most of these young women are creating mixed race babies as eternal one-way tickets to the Western world where pastures are said to be greener.

I even know mothers that encourage their daughters to find a Toubab and get pregnant as a means of entrapment.

The Dehumanization of Blacks & The History of Mixed-Raced Babies

During slavery, slave masters raped the black women to indulge in sexual depravity and out of curiosity regarding how they compared with their wives.

“No white could ever rape a slave woman. The regulation of law, as to the white race, on the subject of sexual intercourse do not and cannot, for obvious reasons apply to slaves, their intercourse is promiscuous”

This law quoted above, removed the humanity of the female slaves to further keep out the cognitive dissonance necessary to judge the inhumane actions of the slave masters. So even though black women were being raped, there was no form of justice for them because they weren’t considered to be HUMAN!

“Blacks are inhabitants but as debased by servitude below the equal level of free inhabitants; which regards the slave as divested of two-fifths of the man”      

——James Madison

After all the sexual abuse, the mixed race was created and thus, the birth of colorism.

A lot of slave masters took their biracial offspring from the bosoms of their mothers and raised them inside the houses away from the hot sun and cotton fields.

They became the “house niggers” favored over the darker slaves who worked under the hot sun and extreme conditions from sunrise to sunset with guns trained on them.

And now within the black community, colorism has become a disease for which the cure is yet to be found.

The Curvy Black Woman

Black women are—for the most part—more endowed than white women. So when the white men saw this, they found such features attractive and took to experience the beauty of the black female body.

Coupled with the law that stripped black women of their humanity, white men were free to “explore”.

In today’s modern society, the media plays into this narrative by representing black men as “hyper-masculinized” and hyper-sexualized to the point where, they are seen as inherently violent. This is why white police officers can easily draw their gun unnecessary on black men. As for black women, they are mostly shown without their clothes on in so-called music videos, and are thus presented as succulent breasts and hidden pleasures.

The hyper-masculinity of the black man is the reason why during slavery, white slave owners raped the men in order to break them and keep them in the bondage of fear and also, lynched them after slavery. Both black men and women are still being robbed of their collective humanity.

The Normalization of Interracial Relationships

And now, some say that love is love. Love is blind. So what? We should hold hands and sing Kumbaya around the bonfire?

Don’t be deceived!

We are being force fed that interracial dating relationships are a necessity. I find it quite problematic when BLACK PEOPLE begin to have a preference for NON-BLACK PEOPLE!

Fact: Did you know that black people are the only race encouraged to procreate interracially?

If you think that is normal, you played yourself!!

And don’t even dare try to compare, say, a Fula woman wanting to marry a Fula man with these dumb black women wanting to marry white women. It isn’t the same thing!

When I am on social media, there is always that black girl that is obsessed with having light-skinned, curly haired babies. There are whole pages on IG (Instagram) promoting biracial babies. I know a lot of young black girls who are obsessed with this.

They don’t know this but they are being taught subliminally through nonsensical music videos to hate themselves and to seek the European male gaze in order from them to be “civilized”.

I’m sure after reading this; your naiveté would forever have been snuffed out. That would be a good beginning. It is important to remember how this all started. We owe that much to the memories of our enslaved ancestors. We can’t just forget!